Meetings & Announcements

Special Notice

Prior to December 2020, the NCPA meetings were considered to have been held "online" via the NCPA email reflector. And, as such, meeting minutes were thus considered to have been electronically archived via the same system. This made looking up past minutes a very difficult thing to achieve.

Due to this electronic archiving, no actual summarized minutes were taken as one would find in a normal organization such as ours.

However, starting December 2020, meeting minutes are now being kept, then summarized, then posted online here for easy retrieval.

January 2021

► 1-9-2021 [Final] - Votes For Elected Officers For 2021 (PDF)

2021 Calendar

Calendar of meetings for 2021 is pending and not yet posted.

December 2020

► 12-04-2020 [Final] - Request For Frequency Coordinator To Assign Another Emergency Packet Channel (PDF)