Digital Directory

Welcome to the California Digital Directory

Any amateur radio operator in California who operates a digital station*, (a.k.a.the Sysop) and that would like to list their station information in our directory, is welcome to do so, free of charge.

If you are the Sysop of a station in lower Oregon, western Nevada, or western Arizona, and are within the California sphere of influence, (also known as 'Border Stations') and used to have your station listed in our directory, the NCPA digital directory no longer will contain those records. We do apologies for any inconvenience this causes California border stations. We may re-visit this decision in the future, as communications from state to state happen frequently.

Anyone is welcome to search through the directory. Registration in not required for searching the directory.

However, you must register if you plan on entering and maintaining records in our directory.

* Digital Repeaters are not covered in this directory. The Federal Communications Commission has ruled that all repeaters (even digital repeaters) must stay within the 'Repeater Sub-Band' of the regional band plan, and not operate in the digital portion of the 'Sub-Band'. (See the FCC ruling on that HERE.)

Digital repeater owners in the NCPA region should contact the Northern Amateur Relay Council of California, (NARCC), for assistance in getting their repeater coordinated and/or listed in the NARCC database.

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