Who can use this database?

Any amateur radio operator in California who operates a digital station*, (a.k.a.the Sysop) and that would like to list their station information in our database, is welcome to do so.

If you are the Sysop of a station in lower Oregon, or western Nevada, and are within the California sphere of influence, (also known as ‘Border Stations’) and you would like your station listed as well, you are also welcome to add your stations. If you do not find your county in the database, please send an email to the Database Manager and let us know. The Database Manager will make every effort to include your listing so others may find you.


Anyone is welcome to search through the database. Registration in not required for searching the database. However, you must register if you plan on entering and maintaining records for stations that you are the sysop.


*Digital Repeaters are not covered in this database. The Federal Communications Commission has ruled that all repeaters (even digital repeaters) must stay within the ‘Repeater Sub-Band’ of the regional band plan, and not operate in the digital portion of the 'Sub-Band'.


Digital repeater owners in the NCPA region should contact the Northern Amateur Relay Council of California, (NARCC), for assistance in getting their repeater coordinated and/or listed in the NARCC database.


The NCPA region covers the same area as NARCC. The NCPA service area map can be found here.



Questions about the database

After you have read the instructions for operating this database, if you still have any questions, please contact the Database Manager.



Instructions Page

If you need further details on how to search the database, including features such as Advance Search and Filter Option, then click here.


If you need instructions on how to properly enter a record into the database, click here.





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